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Rats & Mice Like to MOVE IN in winter months.

Rodents (rats and mice) have plagued humans throughout history. They continue to cause great losses by contaminating food and by contributing to the transmission of diseases, if left untreated.

They eat food, pet food, scraps. If you are careless about hygiene they will quickly move into a house or building, particularly in winter. As they can produce many litters of offspring each year, their numbers build rapidly. Rats and mice are most active at night and are not often seen during the day.


  • Spread diseases to humans via their droppings & urine.

  • Spread sickness via parasites such as intestinal worms and fleas.

  • Damage to elecetrical cables, doors, skirting boards, books, food containers and upholstery.

  • Contaminate food with their droppings, urine or fur.

Signs of Rodent Activity:

  • Mouse droppings are 3-6mm long and have pointed ends. Rat droppings are up to 12mm long and have blunt ends

  • Rubmarks where rodents rub their fur against vertical surfaces such as walls

  • Rat burrows are found next to waterways and buildings.

  • Sounds at night include squeaking in the case of mice and clawing and gnawing in the case of rats.

  • A rodent nest is usually made of rags and paper. 

  • Rats chew objects to keep their incisor teeth short and this can include electrical wiring creating dangerous situations in the home. 

  • They can detect chemicals in food, they can also become ‘bait shy’ making home solutions ineffective quickly.


A professional treatment by Critical Care Pest Management is your best choice to reduce the presence of rodents in your home and save you any hassle. 



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